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Eternal Liquid Chlorophyl Mulberry

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Eternal Liquid Chlorophyll Mulberry is formulated based on our blood type. Mulberry (Morus alba L.) is suitable for blood type "O", "A", "B", and "AB". It is a natural antiseptic and a blood detoxifier and cleanser. It also deodorises the bowel and entire body, and remove bad breadth at the same time. It can also help in constipation and digestive problems. 


  • A blood detoxifier and cleanser.
  • A natural antiseptic.
  • A natural healer and cleanser for chronic conditions internally and externally.
  • It deodorizes the bowel and entire body, removing bad breath at the same time.
  • Overcomes digestive problems, constipation and diarrhea.
  • Beneficial for those suffering from anemia.

Active Ingredients: Chlorophyll powder, Mulberry powder (Morus alba L) and purified water. 

Product Form: Liquid – 500ml

Consumption Method:

Adult:              Add one tablespoon of Liquid Chlorophyll to a mug (200-250ml) of water, stir and drink immediately. Take twice daily before meals. Do not mix with warm or hot water. 

Children:         ½ the dosage of adult.



ETERNAL 叶绿素,制定基于我们的血型。桑叶(Morus alba L.)是适合于血型 “O”、“A”、“B”和 “AB”。它是一种天然防腐剂、血液解毒剂和清洁剂。 它还可以去除肠道残渣和体臭,同时去除口臭。 它还可以帮助解决便秘和消化问题。


  • 它是个血液解毒和清洁剂。
  • 一种天然杀菌剂。
  • 慢性疾病的自然疗剂以及体内和体外的清洁剂。
  • 它能清除肮脏的大肠和整个身体,同时消除口臭。
  • 克服消化问题,便秘和腹泻。
  • 有助于贫血病患者。

活性成分:叶绿素粉、桑椹粉(Morus alba L)和纯净水 

产品形态:液体 – 500毫升


成人:将一汤匙的液体叶绿素倒入200 -250毫升的清凉水。搅拌它后立即饮用。每天饭前服食2次不要用热水来混合。

小孩:½ 成人服食量。

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