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Eternal Green D-Toxe (500gm)

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ETERNAL GREEN D-TOXE is a natural colon cleansing which help you to remove pounds of foul-smelling food debris which may be impacted inside your colon. Healthy flora is the foundation of good health and it increases absorption of nutrients from the food we eat and helps protect against infection. It is high in fiber and nutrients.


1) It aids in constipation and promotes smooth bowel movement.

2) It provides your body with a balance amount of digestive enzymes including lipase, protease, and amylase to breakdown the food we eat.

3) It suppresses bad bacteria like E-coli and candida yeast and stimulates the growth of beneficial microflora.

4) It contains rich source of anti-oxidants, comprising of beta-carotene and vitamin E.

Active Ingredients: Chlorella, wheat grass, soy protein, brown rice, whey protein, fructose. 

Product Form: Powder – 500gm

Consumption method: 

Adult          Add 2 scoops of Green D-Toxe in 125ml of cool or lukewater. Shake well and drink it immediately. Take it in the morning before meals or before going to bed. It is important to maintain adequate liquid intake.

Children:        ½ the dosage of adult.



ETERNAL GREEN D-TOXE 清肠剂是一种天然的结肠清洗剂,帮助您消除累积在结肠内的整数英镑重的恶臭食物残渣。健康菌群是良好健康的基础,它增加了食物营养成分的吸收,有助于防止疾病感染。它含有高纤维和营养。


  • 它有助于便秘,促进排便通畅。
  • 它提供身体均衡的消化酶,这包括脂肪酶、蛋白酶和淀粉酶来分解我们所吃的食物。
  • 它抑制有害细菌如大肠杆菌和白色念珠酵母菌,同时促进有益微生物的滋长。
  • 它含有丰富的抗氧化剂来源,β-胡萝卜素和维生素E




产品形态:粉末– 500


建议服量:将一匙GREEN D-TOXE清肠剂倒入125毫升的清凉水。搅拌它后立即饮用。在早晨饭前或临睡前服食。必需摄入足够的液体量。


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