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Eternal Vegan Protein

Eternal Vegan Protein is a plant-based protein made from pea protein isolate. Eternal Vegan Protein is a great source of protein, both in terms of quality and quantity. It is high in protein, rich in essential amino acids and has excellent digestibility. Eternal Vegan Protein is non-GMO, low allergen, lactose-free, dairy-free, soy free and gluten free and comes with a patented Innobio microencapsulated BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and microencapsulated MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil for optimal absorption.

Advantages of Innobio Microencapsulated BCAA 

1. Dissolves rapidly and completely in water

2. Better stability

3. Non-allergenic process

4. High BCAA purity

Functions of BCAA

1. Reduce muscle soreness

2. Enhanced protein synthesis post exercise

3. Enhanced immunity

4. Anti-fatigue

 Health Benefits of MCT

1. Faster energy release

2. Good alternative energy source for brain cells - able to cross blood-brain-barrier

3. Fatless fat - almost totally metabolised for energy before stored as fat tissue.

Eternal Vegan Protein, a nutrient dense powder, is flavoured with natural cocoa powder that is rich in flavanoids (antioxidants) and can be used:

- to support muscle repair and strength

- to support body growth and development

- to support bone and eye function

- to boost body metabolism

- to provide instant source of energy

- to support the heart function

- to help in slimming

- as a sports nutrition

- as a senior nutrition

- as a clinical nutrition

- as a vegan food

- as a supplement drink to fulfil your daily protein needs

Suggested use:

Add 5 scoops of Eternal Vegan Protein to 300ml of water, or juice and mix (or shake) until smooth. You can also blend into your favourite smoothie.

Serving Size: 25g

Ingredient: Pea Protein, Cocoa powder, Malt extract, MCT oil

Storage: Store in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight.

Pack Size: 750g

Flavour: Natural Chocolate

Eternal 素食蛋白质 (Eternal Vegan Protein)

Eternal 素食蛋白质 是一种由豌豆分离蛋白制成的植物蛋白。Eternal 素食蛋白质 是蛋白质的重要来源,无论是质量还是数量。 它富含蛋白质,必需氨基酸,具有极好的消化率。Eternal 素食蛋白质是非转基因、低过敏原、不含乳糖、不含乳制品、不含大豆和麸质,并同时配上获得 Innobio 微胶囊支链氨基酸(支链氨基酸)和微胶囊 MCT(中链甘油三酯)专利的油,以达到最佳吸收 。

Innobio 微胶囊支链氨基酸的好处

1. 在水中迅速完全溶解

2. 更佳稳定性

3. 无过敏现象

4. 支链氨基酸纯度高



1. 减少肌肉酸痛

2. 运动后增强蛋白质合成

3. 增强免疫力



1. 更快的释放能量

2. 它是脑细胞的良好替代能源 ——能够跨越血脑屏障

3. 无脂脂肪 -- 在储存为脂肪组织之前能几乎完全代谢为能量。

Eternal 素食蛋白质 (Eternal Vegan Protein) 是一种营养丰富的粉末,以富含类黄酮(抗氧化剂)的天然可可粉调味,可用于:

- 支持肌肉修复和力量

- 支持身体生长和发育

- 支持骨骼和眼睛的功能

- 促进身体新陈代谢

- 提供即时能源

- 支持心脏功能

- 帮助减肥

- 作为运动营养补助品

- 作为老年人的营养补助品

- 作为临床营养补助品

- 作为素食品

- 作为补充饮料,满足您的日常蛋白质需求


建议使用: 5 勺Eternal 素食蛋白质 添加到300毫升水或果汁并混合(或摇动)直至光滑。 您还可以混合到您最喜欢的冰沙。





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