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Eternal Natoz Capsule

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Eternal Natoz contains its active ingredient of Nattokinase.

Nattokinase was discovered in Japan by research scientist Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi who was looking for a natural remedy for dissolving blood clots related to heart attacks and stroke. It was an enzyme extracted from fermentation of soybean using bacteria Bacillus Subtilis. 


  • Best known for its amazing fibrinolytic (anti-clotting) capabilities. 
  • Supports the most in the area of cardiovascular health.
  • Assist in rejuvenating healthy fibrin metabolism.
  • Blood thinning agent-reduces blood clotting. 
  • An extremely powerful, all-natural enzymatic support. 
  • Help in discouraging both heart disease and stroke. 
  • To relief from joint swelling.

Active Ingredient: Nattokinase.

Product Form: Nattokinase 20,000 fu/g 100mg in Vegetable Capsules – 60cap

Consumption Method:
Adult : Take 1 capsule, twice per day (after meals).


Eternal Natoz 含有纳豆激酶的活性成分。

纳豆激酶是由科学家 Hiroyuki Sumi 博士在日本发现的,他正在寻找一种天然药物来溶解与心脏病和中风有关的血栓。 它是使用有益生菌Bacillus Subtilis 从大豆发酵中提取的一种酶。


  • 以其惊人的纤维蛋白溶解(抗凝血)能力而闻名。
  • 对心血管健康有效。
  • 帮助恢复健康的纤维蛋白代谢。
  • 血液稀释剂——减少血液凝固。
  • 一种极其强大的全天然酶。
  • 有助于阻止心脏病和中风。
  • 以缓解关节肿胀。


产品形式:纳豆激酶 20,000 fu/g 100mg 植物胶囊 – 60粒


成人:每天两次,每次服用 1 粒 (饭后)。

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