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Magnesium is a key mineral in human metabolism, and found in small to medium amounts in many of the World's Healthiest Foods. Vegetables (especially green leafy ones), nuts and seeds, and legumes are your best sources for magnesium.

Not all magnesium supplements are readily absorbed in the central nervous system. Magnesium L-threonate is the salt formed from mixing magnesium and threonic acid, a water-soluble substance. This form is easily absorbed. L-Threonate is a unique amino acid which appears to enhance mitochondrial function, synaptic density, and neuroplasticity on its own. The chelated magnesium to L-threonate appears to demonstrate a chemical attraction to the brain. In fact, there is about 5 more times L-Threonate in the brain than the rest of the body. Research has indicated that magnesium L threonate is one of the only forms of magnesium that reaches and enters the brain efficiently at significant levels through its ability to cross the blood brain barrier. Magnesium is essential for brain health and in various brain processes that help regulate mood, memory function and enhancement of learning abilities (Slutsky et. Al., 2010).

Role of Magnesium in Health Support:

  • Supports healthy memory and cognitive function
  • Create and Maintain Bone Integrity
  • Enable Energy Production
  • Better Control of Inflammation
  • Better Control of Blood Sugar

Available Formulation :

Magnesium L-Threonate 450mg in vegetable capsule (60 caps/bottle).




并非所有的镁补充剂都容易在中枢神经系统中被吸收。 L-苏糖酸镁是将镁和苏氨酸(一种水溶性物质)混合而成的盐。这种形式很容易被吸收。 L-苏糖氨酸是一种独特的氨基酸,它可以增强线粒体功能、突触密度和神经可塑性。 L-苏糖氨酸的螯合镁似乎对大脑具有化学吸引力。实际上,大脑中的L-苏糖氨酸比其他部位多约5倍。研究表明,苏氨酸镁L是通过镁穿过血脑屏障的能力而以有效水平到达和进入大脑的镁的仅有形式之一。镁对于大脑健康和各种大脑过程至关重要,有助于调节情绪、记忆功能和增强学习能力(Slutsky等人,2010)。


  • 提升健康记忆力和认知功能
  • 建立并维护骨骼的完整性
  • 能源生产
  • 更好地控制炎症
  • 更好地控制血糖



L-苏糖酸镁450毫克-- 植物胶囊(60瓶/瓶)。


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