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Importance of Eye Health

Many people consider maintaining good physical health as one of their top priorities, but they seem to forget the importance of maintaining good eye health by using electronic devices every day. Our eyesight, being one of the most important senses, as 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight, will subject to stress and injury, and can lose their full potential if not properly taken care of. There are many different types of eye diseases such as:

  1. Cataracts (clouding of the lens), the leading cause of vision loss
  2. Diabetic retinopathy (causes damage to blood vessels in the back of the eye), the leading cause of blindness
  3. Glaucoma (a group of diseases that damages the optic nerve)
  4. Age-related macular degeneration (gradual breakdown of light-sensitive tissue in the eye)

Hence, other than leading a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper nutrition to keep our eyes functioning properly well, consuming a diet rich in antioxidants may help. For example, taking Eyebright Complex.

Eternal Eyebright Complex

Eternal Eyebright Complex is a 6-in-1 herbal compound that is specially formulated for healthy eyes.

It comprises of 6 main active ingredients: Eyebright extract, Bilberry extract, Wolfberry extract, Gingko biloba extract, Japanese Pagoda Tree Flower extract, Marigold extract.

Benefits of Eyebright Complex

  1. Mainly indicated for eye health; contains rich sources of antioxidants that can help to protect the eyes from free radicals caused by blue light and UV and provide relief to tired eyes.
  2. Also protect the skin against premature aging by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and tightening the skin.
  3. Supports the immune and brain function.


Adult: 2 capsule each time, twice a day after meal.


As ginkgo may increase the tendency of bleeding, please consult your physician/pharmacist, if you are on or intend to start using any other medicines and before you undergo any surgical/dental procedure.

Contraindicated in pregnant women. Insufficient reliable data in breastfeeding women.

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