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For Coffee Enema, we recommended you to use the Eternal Coffee Enema Bucket.

- It is made of plastic material
- Can hold up to 1500ml
- Comes with removable tubes
- Good material and medical grade

Recipe & Procedure:

  • Bring to boil 1 liter (4 mugs) of distilled water.
  • Add one heaped tablespoon of Eternal Coffee Enema.
  • Boil for 3 more minutes.
  • Simmer on very low heat for 20 minutes.
  • Steep overnight (12 hours) and warm to body temperature before use.
  • Sieve coffee and make up to 4 mugs or 1 liter into a container & add 1 tablespoon of Eternal Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.
  • Stir mixture and pour into Eternal Enema Bucket or bag.
  • Hang bag or place bucket not more than 2 feet above self in a laying position.
  • Lie on your right side, lubricate the anal tube with Eternal Aloe Soothing Gel and place anal tube 3-4 cm (for adults).
  • Pull both knees forward to the chin.
  • Allow the coffee solution to flow in.
  • Retain coffee for 15 minutes then go to the toilet for the expulsion.
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